Sunday 18 January 2015

Lets get UD Naked...3!

I was very lucky to get one of the infamous Urban Decay Naked 3 palettes this year as it was pretty much sold out everywhere and I haven't been able to stop myself from frantically putting it on and playing with it. I've never had any of the other naked palletes but I wish I did if they're just as good as this one! I've already got the feminine palette from last year and I love using it and this Naked palette definitely keeps it's reputations up.

Urban Decay is definitely not part of my regular shopping routine. I usually go straight for benefit and Mac rather than Urban decay. But after owning a couple of their eyeshadow palettes, I'll definitely add them to my list!

This Naked 3 palette actually came with 4 samples of their equally infamous primer potions. I've already got one of them in the original version, and I love it. I use it almost daily and it makes such a difference to the overall look and how lasting it is. I've been planning to try out the rest of the range, but I wanted to use up the big tube I have now before buying the rest of the family.

The samples that were included are
Original- which is a clear transparent primer which allows the colour of the eyeshadow to come straight through
Eden- which is a primer version of the actual matte nude eyeshadow
Anti-Aging- pretty much the same as the Original, but has an anti aging agent in so two birds, one stone
Sin- which I tried out on my hand really quickly in the shop, is a primer version of the shimmery slightly pink eyeshadow which was previously seen in the first Naked Palette
Each of these samples should last you about a week so the whole pack of four should last a month.

This palette tends to play around with the pinkier tones as well as the darker brown tones and they're all quite shimmery. My favourite shadow is between Limit, Factory and Mugshot. They're all very pigmented and is bound to last ages, especially with the primers!



  1. This post makes me want to jump on the UD bandwagon haha - and your swatches are great! Lighting really does make a difference because some swatches I googled didn't seem as nice as these.
    ~Weng wengiful

  2. wow these colours look absolutely gorgeous! I have the Naked 2 palette and I love the consistency of the shadows and so I'm sure I'd love these! I love your photography btw x

  3. Love the Naked palettes, this is a great post! Out of the 3 naked palettes which one is your favorite? x

  4. Didn't realise you blogged about this! Very pretty palette, looks so pigmented x

  5. I really enjoyed this post and the photos are amazing!


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