Thursday 18 December 2014

Lush Haul

Lush, Haul, Granny Takes a Dip, Sweetie Pie, Northern Lights, Christmas Eve, Baby Bot, Bath Bomb, Lush Cosmetics, Shower Jelly

 As some of you already know, I am obsessed with Lush at the minute. Nothing is better than running a hot bath and dropping an explosion of colour into the bubbles. Lush always smells so so great too and  they have such a wide range of scents to suit anyones nose! I like the fruity ones that you just melt into but the more colour the better. Heres just a few products from my ever growing collection.

Bath bombs, Northern Lights, Lush
Starting off with a very cool looking bath bomb number 1 called Northern Lights. If I'm perfectly honest, I can't bring myself to use this yet as I am a strong believer in saving best til last but according to others, it's shaped like a bar and when it's activated, it shoots really pretty colours out! A mixture of my favourite colours is seen in this bath bomb, like pink, blue and purple! So so cooooool!

Christmas Eve, bubble bar, Lush, bath
Christmas Eve, Bubble Bar, Lush, Bath

Next up, we have Christmas Eve bubble bar. Not so extravagant as Northern lights but it smells so so good and by the looks of it, it makes your bath water all glittery. Love it even more!

Lush, Grammy Takes a Dip, Bath Bomb

One that I've actually tried in this mini haul so far is Granny Takes a Dip! Such a funny name but it's so colourful and so cool to look at when it bubbles and fizzes into the water. Unfortunately, it got crumbled a little in the bag but this does not stop me loving how awesome this is! My skin felt so so soft and cuddly after using this bath bomb- I'd definitely use this again.

Ickle Baby Bot, Lush, Bath, Bathbomb
Baby bot! So cute and tiny compared to the others! My sister bought me this one and I still haven't used it- I don't want to ruin Lickle Baby Bot it's so adorbs! Definitely a cool stocking filler for christmas, a nice secret santa gift or if you're wanting to spoil yourself and if you're like me and need to spend something impulsively before you malfunction, I'd recommend this cute blue baby bot

Another sweet little bath bomb is one that I had just used before taking a picture is Lord of Misrule. This one is a funny one. It's a spherical one that's green and blue but when you drop it in your bath, Lord of Misrule makes your bath water go a wine colour. I didn't pay much attention to this so you can imagine my shock when I saw my bath water, not a nice surprise after watching a horror film. I got given this bath bomb at around Halloween, it's not on the website so i suspect it either a limited edition bath bomb or it's an in store exclusive.

Shower Jelly, Sweetie Pie, Lush, Bath
The pot seen here is a shower jelly. I have Sweetie Pie and it smells just like Ribena! It looks like a yucky black blob of jelly in these photos but it's actually a darkish purple colour with little tiny specks of glitter! It's so fun to use in the bath or shower because of the texture. It's literally like jelly, it wobbles just like jelly and feels as slippery as normal soap. It brings a whole new meaning to dont drop the soap because you will lose it and spend ages trying to catch it again!

Another cool Lush product that I haven't taken pictures of due to my impatient trait, is The Comforter Bubble Bar. It smells so so good like really sweet berries- a bit like ribena again but a lot more enhanced. I only used a very small chunk, maybe like a quarter of the full product and this was more than enough! This made my bath water the prettiest shade of pink and left my skin feeling so so soft!

There are so many more Lush products that I'd love to try and test out but the ones I'm desperate to try before the christmas season ends is Golden Wonder and Fizzbanger. Golden Wonder has little 'gifts' inside after the bath bomb dissolves and it also leaves gold glitter in your bath getting you in such a christmassy party mood! Fizzbanger just looks so so awesome and Lush promises fireworks, colour changes and cinnamon. I'm starting to feel like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just thinking about how cool these Lush products are!

Another Lush product I feel will be in my bag very soon isn't bath related- the Santa Lip scrub sounds amazing! Sugar, cherries and dates?! (like cherry coke I assume) I'm not brave enough to get a taste of the testers in the shop and I never will be. Sounds so yummy and good enough to eat.. literally.. it's edible too! Although it sound a little yucky- licking off your lips but the last lip scrubs I had, I just ate out of the pot...



  1. Lovely post! I have not tried any of the products from your haul but I have tried golden wonder and omg you are going to love it! It makes your bath water look like a mermaid/princess water <3

  2. Great haul, everything is so pretty and colourful! x

    The Belle Narrative

  3. I've heard of a lot of bloggers talking about Lush for a few years now, and the products sound so fun and amazing! Now I really want to try some!

  4. I love your blog! It's really high-quality and the photo quality is out of this world! Keep up the good work! xx

    Jasmine ||

  5. LOVE lush products!! Their cuticle cream is amazing

  6. Aw, northern lights! That was one of my fave bath bombs out of their Christmas range! x


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