Wednesday 1 April 2015


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I've just come back from my travels in NYC with my college. I loved every minute, I had two days of sight-seeing and two days of shopping, obviously I took my two days of shopping with two hands and hailed a cab to Times Square, where I discovered a MAC store.

Since MAC is a US brand, everything is a lot cheaper over there, and I mean a LOT cheaper. Some of their products are basically half price! I bought 3 lip products, a mineral highlighter and a top up of my favourite wipes. Over here in the UK, the lipsticks each are £15.50 which makes 2 of them a huge £31. But over in the glorious US, you'd get 1 lipstick for $16 which is about £10 so for £5.50 cheaper, I went a little cray. (I forgot about the added tax and nearly fainted at the till)

Matte, MAC Lipsticks, Mac, Lipsticks, Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy

I've heard about Velvet Teddy for ages, but it had been sold out in UK stores and online. So when I realised I could get it in the US, I was very very tempted to buy 2. (I kept calling this Teddy Picker until I realised that's an Arctic Monkeys song and the proceeded to call it Velvet Monkeys.) VT is a beautiful pinkish Nude shade, I can definitely see why this is a best seller.

I also found another wonderful nude lippy, Kinda Sexy is very sexy. Similar to Velvet Teddy, but with more pinkier redder tones, I'd say it's a warmer nude than VT. I think this shade suits me a lot better than VT but I couldn't resist both of them, and I'm surprised I didn't get at least four of each.

Since we're on the lip portion of this haul, I also purchased a lip liner, which I couldn't resist using straight after buying! Morning Coffee was one of the few Mac products I turned my nose up at due to no stock, but I had tried it on before and I loved it. I just remembered when I was in the store and went spontaneous, I impulsively spent $20. It's pro longwear too so, IT STAYS ON FOREVER...(almost)

Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy, Morning Coffee, MAC, Lipsticks, Swatch, Pro Longwear

I also topped up on some of my favourite wipes from MAC and bought the bulk wipes again. I bought my first pack last summer, and it's lasted well with sparing use.

I then went back on the second day to pick up a couple more lipsticks for my sister, Sarah (she'll probably blog about it at some point at TempSec, keep an eye out) I bought her 5-alarm and See Sheer. No idea what shades they are. Both $16 each.
Initially I wanted to get the Mineral Skinfinish in Lightscapade but the shade was waaaay too light for me and I was recommended Soft and Gentle, the perfect one for my skin tone.

Mineral Skin finish, MAC, Highlighter, Soft & Gentle,

All together, I spent $145 at MAC... Not including the damned tax.

Ps. My bad on the terrible photos, bad lighting's on me



  1. Great colors! I live in the US but I've tried MAC cosmetics before, but I hear they are a very good brand.

  2. MAC hauls are my favourite things! I recently did a huge one too and also bought Velvet Teddy it's such a popular shade now!

  3. I love soft and gentle, it's so pretty on the skin. I havent heard of that lip liner, the colour is so pretty.
    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  4. the colours are all so pretty, im in love xo


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