Friday 24 October 2014

Autumn blues

I've gone complete AWOL with writing recently but college has definitely been hands on from day one, with projects being thrown at me from all directions! I'm really sorry I haven't been writing, lovelies. Life has definitely gotten busy the last couple of months or so! Speaking of which...

September, a month of renewing body clocks and training your hand to write properly. So we all get a little down in this month, the days get darker and the nights get colder. So here's a little list of instant pick me ups to make you feel better.

autumn, feel good, Lotus biscuit spread, mikado, nail polish, kindle

Mikado. Need I say more? I swear these sticks of heaven are just perfect for college snacking. I usually only get a 10 minute break after my first lesson in the morning and Mikado is my hero. The white chocolate is by far my favourite, king choco (praline) is a little to choco for me-o.

Snacks, biscuit, chocolate

I cannot go a day without a coffee nowadays. A skinny latte to go please! My college serves costa coffee and thank the lords they do otherwise, I'd probably have no friends. As I don't have a costa at home, desperate times call for desperate measures.
Latte, Nescafe, Nescafe Azera, drinks, coffee

Sanitizer! I refuse to be the first to be ill and when I do catch a cold it will be full of honour and caused by getting caught in the rain or not wearing a coat, and not by catching it off someone else.

My absolute favourite thing in the morning is toast with a generous layer of Lotus Biscoff Spread. You know, those biscuits you get with coffee? Yep. They have a spread now.

Lotus biscuit spread, caramel biscuits, spread, food

After trying to get into the whole academic vibe, I treated myself to a lovely Kindle Paperwhite. I've been trying to get myself to read more books but when it comes to literature I'm completely lost! Hopefully this little piece of tech will calm my nights down over a glass of wine too.
Kindle, kindle paperwhite, amazon

I've come to my senses and I've had to force myself to understand that summer is over, no more pastel nail polish. So I had a dig around my nail polish collection and found a couple of dark polishes to ironically brighten my day. Sally Hansen in 340 Black Platinum, topped with Tarot by Urban outfitters and Studio 54 also by Urban Outfitters. I bought these a while ago but never used them and thank goodness they're not all gloopy.

Nail polish, black, glitter, manicure, sally hansen, urban outfitters
Black, glitter, nail polish, manicure, sally hansen, WIP, Urban Outfitters



  1. I know what you mean; college can kill all of your free time (of course I am now finding that work can do the same thing). Glad you were able to find an escape through the little comforts in life!

  2. I love Mikados! :p you should check this blog out, it's so cute!

  3. Errrrr... when did you get a Kindle!!! You never mentioned this! I'll have a look when i come home next week x


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