Thursday 7 August 2014

MAC Haul

MAC, MAC Cosmetics, MAC BB, MAC Wipes, MAC brush, MAC lightful creme. MAC Mascara

MAC, MAC Cosmetics, MAC Lightful Moisure Creme
MAC BB, MAC, MAC Cosmetics, MAC Beauty Balm, MAC Prep+Prime
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MAC, MAC Cosmetics, MAC Brushes, MAC 188 Brush
MAC, MAC Cosmetics, MAC Mascara, MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Mascara

I absolutely hate going to the MAC counters whenever I'm out and about, purely because I hear my bank card crying and sobbing every time I finish shopping. I always think to myself, do I need this? Nine times out of ten, the answer will be yes. I manage to talk myself into torturing my purse...

I spent a hefty £122 this time and I'm not even sorry...yet.

I was with Mum when I was swatching the lipsticks and I never noticed how good the wipes were, it left my skin so smooth and hydrated unlike the usual wipe you'd get from boots. The wipes contain MAC's 'special cleanser' and vitamin E so obviously, that had to go home with me. I bought the bulk wipes with 100 wipes for £20 and I use them almost everyday.

As I was there, good ol' Jenny from MAC offered to help me with my make up and test out the products. I, being the naive moron thought, sure why not? I just won't buy anything other than the wipes. She gave me a couple wipes and took my make up off. She then applied this really silky smooth moisturiser on my face. This was the Lightful Moisture Creme and it was so smooth and creamy, you really didn't need a lot as a little goes a really long way. Of course, I was so mesmerised by this feeling I was forced to spend £31 on this.

I was in need of a new base layer and I couldn't decide on bb cream (as you all know, I'm a huge fan of) or a good quality foundation. I was introduced to the BB Beauty Balm from their Prep + Prime range. I was able to swatch a couple shades on my jawline before hand and I decided on Medium Dark. The product is SPF 35 and the coverage was amazing. It actually made my face one colour and it didn't look fake. The coverage wasn't really thick and heavy like some other foundations and bb creams I've tried in the past. It didn't give me a furry face either! Bonus! Similar to the Moisture Creme, a little goes a long way. I also learned that if I use too much, I look so greasy and oily but I'm not too sure if that's just my technique or if that's just the product. BB Beauty Balm? £24. Damnit.

The Beauty Balm was applied with the MAC 188 brush. It's similar to the MAC 286 brush that I already own with the duo fibre trend with long synthetic fibres to pick up the product and shorter goat fibred that really blend and buff the product in. I usually use the 286 brush to apply eye shadow onto my outer corners and to subtly contour areas but Jenny used this brush to apply concealer the same way she used the 188 brush. I was so impressed with this brush and yep, you guessed it. I bought that too and I cried a little. £28. (I didn't get the concealer though! I saved £15.50! Although I'm pretty sure I'll get that next time...)

I dont usually wear bronzer because I just don't know how but I recently bought the infamous Hoola by Benefit and it's lovely. Since I was getting my make up done anyway, Jenny used the CC colour correcting SPF30 from the Prep + Prime range. I gave this a miss since I had only just bought Hoola the week before and also because it's £24. I'll probably get this product when I'm more experienced in the bronzer world.

To finish off the base layer, a thin coat of Mineralize Skinfinish was applied and I couldn't really see the difference between this powder and my normal Rimmel London Clarifying Powder. I'd definitely give it another try though but for £23, it can wait a little longer.

I was originally looking for a new better mascara. I prefer the moulded plastic wands rather than the twisted wire bristles. I was very impressed with the In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash as it made my lashes really think but not clumpy. However, I must be applying it wrong as when I do it, my lashes are clumpy and way too thick. I guess I'll have to do some more research but I do love this mascara for £19.

I swear MAC Cosmetics are my guilty pleasure in life. It's my weak spot.



  1. I'm such a nightmare for this as well! Always go with so much willpower and come out with a distraught bank card and a lovely new collection of make up items!

    Vicky xx

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  5. Going to a Mac counter is leathal! I always spend way too much x
    Emma | Everything Beauty


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