Wednesday 17 June 2020

Still Catching up: Dream Wedding in Italy

Nooooo, I'm not getting married! 

When I was planning out what to write about in terms of catching up, I wanted to do it in chronological order but I was too excited to wait for this post!
This time last year, my older cousin Kit got married to his 'high school sweetheart' in a beautiful villa in Tuscany, Italy and it was the stuff of DREAMS.

My family and I flew out to join the week long celebrations, and was greeted with a beautiful private villa, food, and DELICIOUS wine. I think I was drunk for the entire week.

We took a train and visited Florence, me and Sarah ended up breaking away from the rest of the fam and exploring ourselves as we usually do. We strolled down little streets, visited cute little cafes, ate gelato, took a ton of cute pics when we spotted dad. We did not miss a photo opp, sis.

The big day was so surreal! It took place in the villa grounds. Thank goodness my room was just upstairs, I went from strappy stilletos, to some wedges, to flip flops! Such a beautiful day!  And of course, the bride was beautiful, as expected.

It's been years since the whole family took time off and went on holiday and it was so so nice! It was really lovely to meet the bride's family as well and everyone got on like a house on fire too, (which is difficult because as a biiig family we can be fairly loud and intimidating to outsiders, I find)

It was really nice that my cousins didn't try and drown me in the pool like they used to when we were kids!


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