Sunday 14 June 2020

Lets Have A Well Over-Due Catch Up !

Grab a cuppa, its a long one!  

Hey lovelies! How's it going?

It's been a really really long time since I last posted and lets be honest, not uncommon for me to fall off the blogging wagon! But, I'm back on the wagon and I'm not going to put any pressure on myself this time, no 'upload schedule' no 'oh snap what should I post about now?!' moments. Just me and my thoughts being some what coherently written online.

So with that being said, let's catch up! It's been a HOT minute and I've got a lot to bring you up to speed so without further ado, lets get going!

My last post was a new year post going into 2018. I think I had just finished my first semester at Lincoln University studying Dance and I was really nervous and unsure about staying in the dance industry. Well.... I left! I finished the second semester and first year, and I really wasn't happy so I just up and left! I stayed within the dance industry for a while and taught at my local dance school, but life snuck up on me and I realised I had to start a new career in order to earn money and find direction in my life. I'm now a beauty therapist/ make up artist/ nail technician ... I know, its a mouthful!

We welcomed my new baby nephew, Olly, in 2018 and he is an absolute dream. Both him and my niece Edie has been so so cute together!

I also got my braces off! I had double jaw surgery in mid 2018, and I had my braces taken off in early 2019. My face looks completely different and I had no idea how self conscious I was until I had the procedure done and felt so much more confident with how I looked. After just under 5 years of braces, the glo up was real!

In 2019 I also I reconnected with Sam, who I went to high school with but never knew. He had just moved out of his mum's house and into a little cottage next door to the pub I worked at, so I saw him at lot while I was working and he worked his 'charm' ... if you could even call it that!

In 2020, we officially bought a house and moved in together! Then with the Covid-19 outbreak, we were also stuck with each other in lockdown! We're still in lockdown but the restrictions have lifted massively.

Today, I attended my first peaceful protest ever in my hometown against racism part of the BLM movement, sparked by the killing of George Floyd in the US. Being in a very old school, conservative,  small town, we were met with some really loud nasty people spouting really unsavoury mean things at us. The day was really stressful and I was ugly crying the whole way through BUT I'm really glad I joined because the amount of love and support that was offered was really empowering
and over whelming.

Aaaaaand that's pretty much it for now! They're some of the biggest events I've been through in the past few years (golly has it really been that long?!)

See you next time!


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