Sunday 15 January 2017

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 What I've Been Doing: The Start of 2017

January has always been a love/hate type of month. I love that it's the start of a new year but I hate how it drags on and how cold it is!

Strangely, this is the first January I've had that is almost completely free as I don't start my second semester until the end of the month and all my friends are back at university so I've had a very lonely couple of weeks but I am LOVING the relaxing stress free me time, even if it is just hanging out with my pets and watching tv all day! No shame!

This festive break has been super exciting for me as it's my niece's first christmas! Everyone, meet Edith! She was born 3 days after my birthday in April and she's already decided that I'm her favourite aunt, no matter what my sisters say! Secretly, I've always been really down about missing her grow up while I'm at university and I hardly see her while I'm away, so spending time with Edie has been something really important to me. Thank goodness for technology, I love getting photos of her sent to me while I'm in Lincoln!

New Years day, New Years, Hot Pot

On new years day, our family usually has hot pot for dinner and it is by far the best family dinner of the year! My favourite is the spring onion oil that mum makes, and it is so good with noodles too. Super yummy!

A couple days ago, I visited Newcastle for a friends birthday. It was the best night out I've had in a while and it was so much fun. My fella, George and I stayed in the Sleeperz Hotel in Newcastle and it was lovely, our Newcastle itinerary involved going out to dinner before venturing out to meet our friends at their student accommodation for pre-drinks at 9pm. But due to me and George being total boring oldies, we had to nap if we had any chance of staying awake until 10pm.

Considering how lazy I've been this christmas/new years period, it's definitely the calmest and most relaxed I've been since starting university and I am 100% sure this is the calm before the storm. 

What have you been doing over the holidays?



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