Sunday 1 January 2017

OOTD: New Years Eve Little Black Dress

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What I Wore For My NYE Celebrations

New Years Eve is definitely one of, if not, my favourite celebration of the year. I absolutely love looking back on the year and this year, I have opted to go out with a bang and party with my lovely friends. 

lbd, little black dress, nye outfit, new years eve, black party dress,

The Dress

Unlike previous years, this was the first time I've really dressed up for New Years Eve and I decided to play it safe and wear my little black dress. I bought this dress from boohoo and I actually had to sew and shorten the straps because I'm so tiny. However, it's a lot easier to alter a dress that's too big than vice versa. I really like the detailing of the lace at the thigh of the dress, I thought it made the dress less basic, and easier to wear without looking too solid, and it gave the look a little more personality.

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The Shoes

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm an absolute sucker for shoes. I'm an even bigger sucker for shoes on sale. I got these shoes from Office, I actually bought these shoes after my audition for University back in March and they've served me well ever since. 

I've always had a somewhat love/hate relationship with shoes. I'm madly in love with them when I put them on but give it an hour and I'm dying from the pain. But I must say, for me, these strappy 'almost barely there' styled shoes weren't too bad! The front strap didn't squeeze my toes together, didn't rub and the seam didn't burn the bottom of my feet. Obviously they are high heels and I'd probably be more comfortable in Uggs but for a high heeled shoe, it ain't too bad! 

black clutch bag, nye, New Year's Eve Outfit,

The Bag

I've spent ages trying to look for a better bag than my trusty ol' black clutch. I almost feel guilty for looking at other bags or even thinking about buying another bag to go out with however, I took this bag with my on my first ever night out and I've loved it ever since. My mum actually gave me this bag after a friend gifted it to her for her birthday, not realising her paralysing fear of anything relating to snakes. 

This little black textured bag, definitely simpler than other bags, is the perfect size for a night out. It's not too bulky, it's super light and big enough for the night out essentials like lipstick and your purse.

Hope you all had a lovely New Year's Eve, what did you get up to?


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