Monday 5 May 2014

OOTD- Day out in the Park.

Poodle, Park, Dayout

Perk, OOTD, Boots, Summer Day Out
Park, Day out, Summer Days Out, Summer, Dog Park

We all open our wardrobes full of clothes and still complain we have nothing to wear. I have this problem all the time! My go to solution is to go simple! On Sunday, my family and I took our poodle pup out to a park because it was such a nice (yet windy) day!  I couldn't decide whether go super casual and wear a simple tshirt and jeans or go a little fancier and wear a pretty playsuit.

After a few impulsive decisions, I ended up with a lovely pair of black shapewear leggings from primark and a soft white mesh top I bought from River Island a while ago. Can't go wrong with black and white! I also wore my new boots that I bought from Just Fab online and I love them! They're comfy and the go with pretty much everything! I finished the outfit by chucking a cropped denim jacket over my back. Simple, and I loved this ensemble. 

Bonnie wore a yellow polkadot vest with a pretty daisy to match the beautiful sunny day. We got the harness from Pets At Home and she loves wearing it! When she sees it, she knows she's going for a day out! We have to put harnesses on her to give her more support when she's on a lead because she is so small and hyper all the time.

For my make up, I wore a uber simple daytime look that consisted of just a smooth BB cream base finished with a translucent powder by Rimmel London, Maquillage Shiseido Double Brow Creator, MeMeMe Dark and Divine Mascara, MAC Blush (in my trusty shade of Fleur Power) and a stroke of EOS Lipbalm. I usually wear this combination to school because it's light and it stays put! It doesn't melt down my face by the end of the day and the BB cream is a dream! It's moisturising and light so it doesn't block my teenage pores like normal foundation. It doesn't build up so much that it becomes cakey and if my skin still feels dry, I can mix it with a little facial moisturiser to boost.

P.s I'm back! I'm trying hard to not neglect my blog while I'm preparing for my exams. I've had lots and lots of school work to do since February due to the deadlines of all my coursework hencewhy I haven't been writing anything or tweeting. Now everything has been submitted to the exam board, all I have to do now is revise for my exams in May! So please bear with me as the consistency of my posts may not be up to scratch, but I'm trying and I'm so motivated to blog, blog, blog! Plus the weather is a lot nicer and prettier now, so I just have to find the time to take pictures! 



  1. Aw, Bonnie is the cutest!!!!!!!!! Good to hear that you have your blogging mo-jo back! This is a nice Sunday outfit. Looking fancy on Sundays is against the rules in my books!

  2. Aww, what a cute dog!! I feel like I have nothing to wear too, but that's mostly because my wardrobe is still in that strange transitional period between cold weather clothes and warm weather clothes. It can be tough keeping up with your blog posts, especially when life kicks in, but it's good to know you'll be back at it soon!


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