Saturday 11 November 2017

Colour Pop Lippie Stix HAUL

Colour Pop Lippie Stix, Colour Pop, Haul, Makeup, Lipsticks, Beauty, Affordable


I have had my eye on Lippie Stix from Colourpop for ages! But I held back on buying them due to not fully trusting third party retailers to provide authentic products and also because I've always been skeptical on buying things from outside the EU because I didn't want the nasty surprise of a high handling fee for customs.

However, I bit the bullet and had a horrific shopoholic binge on the official colourpop website. I bought 6 full size colours and I've been swatching and testing them out on my weirdly toned asian skin tone. Each lip product retails at $5, which is less than £4 (my type of pricepoint!) but I have seen some third party retailers sell them for £7 if you want to avoid the £20 customs fee.

Colour Pop Lippie Stix, Colour Pop, Haul, Makeup, Lipsticks, Beauty, Affordable

FADED; A super creamy formula in a rose shade with warm coral undertones. I love this colour but the creme formula threw me a little bit. When I wear this, I apply over clean lips and then I mattify this by blotting and if I'm feeling it, i'll dust some powder over the lip for an everyday 'cba to top up' type of lip.

MIRROR MIRROR; A hot pink type of red in a matte X formula. Super duper pigmented and unlike many matte lippies, this ultra matte is suprisingly moisturing! Obviously, this ain't no miracle matte and will dry out your lips a little so I often wear this over a little bit of lip balm and the blot the excess out.

PARKER; This is one of my favourite shades in this little haul, one of two nudes that I feel very comfortable with. This is a matte formula from the lippie stix line and is a beige type of nude with a hint of that warm pink. Again, I would wear this with a lip balm but, I feel like on a good day I can get away with wearing this shade on it's own so it's perfect for on the go!

SKIMPY; This light pink nude was a little too light and cool for me but I still love the colour. I use this shade to mix with other colours to lighten and play with the formulas. Skimpy is a glossy formula, which isn't my favourite on it's own but it's wonderful mixed with other formulas and give it a quick blot to finish.

POISON; Vampy red that is juicy with pigment! This matte shade does not disappoint. This works well on it's own as well as over lip balm but either way you NEED a lip liner to make sure that this colour doesn't bleed. I've always stuck to wearing nude or rosy lips. I'm never rave enough to go out with a red lip, but I feel comfortable and daring wearing this red.. Dare I say.... it's my perfect red!

BRINK; This is my other favourite nude from this haul. This matte shade is similar to parker but I think this is slightly warmer, has a slightly deeper pink undertone and it's less brown than parker. Just like most of these other matte formulas, this is just as beautiful on it's own as it is with lip balm.

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