Friday 15 September 2017

L'oreal Lash Paradise Review

L'oreal Lash Paradise Review, boots, bootsuk, mascara

My New Favourite Mascara?

FINALLY! I got my greedy hands on L'oreal Lash Paradise! I spent weeks of searching in my local (and very small) boots and supermarkets for this mascara and it was no where to be seen!

I found this in a boots in Newcastle, tucked away on the top of the usual L'oreal display stand. There was only 3 left so I assume I was late to the party (As per usual) and they had all been bought. This came with a super duper cute eye mask as well all for the slightly lower price of £9.99! This lower price is an introductory offer as it's 'hot from the US'. It changed to about £12 at the end of August. (I bought this in early August)

L'oreal Lash Paradise Wand, L'oreal Lash Paradise Review, Mascara

L'oreal says that this very hyped up product gives you; Intense volume, spectacular long lashes, and a pleasure to apply. 

I do love Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara for the curling effect, especially when I have such stubborn straight asian lashes. Lash Paradise doesn't claim to give a long lasting curl but I've found that after applying this on curled lashes, my lashes hold the curl a lot better than most mascaras. 

In my opinion, Roller Lash leaves a slightly wet feel, as if it's not fully dry yet. As someone who wears glasses often, if something touches the lashes they tend to shape and bend, making it difficult to look natural. However, Lash Paradise is really easy to apply, coats all the lashes how you want it to, and it dries to how most mascaras would. 

All in all, I love the curling effect of Roller Lash, but Lash Paradise holds a curl really well. As Roller Lash is £20.50, I love the cheaper price point of Lash Paradise a lot more. 

Have you tried these mascaras? What do you think?


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