Tuesday 14 March 2017

WIBD: Newcastle Date Night

The Botantist, Newcastle, Dinner, Botanist, North East, Food

What I've Been Doing... eating like a pig! 

I've been horrendously side tracked by uni work lately, but I have been dying to get back into lifestyle bloggin'!

Over reading week, George and I went out to Newcastle for a night to see our friend's band. We stayed over at the Sleeperz Hotel, which was super close to the train station, and we went out for meals.

I think this post will probably turn out to be more like a food diary because we were eating like pigs!

First stop: Dinner at The Botanist
I had the famous chicken kebab, and George had the boring-yet yummy- fish and chips. He was lucky to come out of The Botanist with his hands, he learnt that, like Joey I DON'T SHARE FOOD.

Dinner, The Botanist, Botanist, Newcastle, North East, Food

Second Stop: Brunch at Crepe Affaire
We've never been the brunchy type of people but we loooove crepes! This stop was more like a dessert before dinner situation than brunch. I had Apple Crumble and Fresh Mint Tea and he had Nutella with his signature morning latte.

Food, Crepes, Crepe Affaire, Brunch, Dessert, Newcastle, North East

Last stop: Lunch at Fat Hippo
This was my favourite place of the trip. We ordered the Little American and Little Buffalo, cut them in half and had the best of both worlds. We also had Deep Fried Pickles (My favourite), Dirty Skins (Georges favourite) and Freddie's Fingers. We were definitely fat hippos by the time we left!

Food, Lunch, Dinner, Fat Hippo, Newcastle, North East


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