Tuesday 7 January 2014

MeMeMe Pearl pink Iridescent Complexion Illuminator & Highlighter

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MeMeMe, MeMeMe highlighter, MeMeMe beat the blues

Hello! With the dull weather getting us down, we can't let our flawless faces give in and match the gloomy weather! I recently used the MeMeMe highlighter called Beat the Blues in Pearl Pink. In my opinion, I think it's very similar to the High Beam highlighter from Benefit except just a little creamier. 
This highlighter also comes in 2 nude shades, The Oyster Gold which is a sandy colour with is fantastic for darker skintones and the Pearl Pink which is a light pink that goes superb with the lighter skintones. I have an olive/asian skintone and I think the Pearl pink suits me better.

I apply this with my foundation and I put a little (don't need a lot) on my cheekbones, a tiny bit on my temple area and a touch on the bridge of my nose. I sometimes mix a small amout of this with my bb cream or the light foundation I'm using to give my face more of a dewy look and healthy shine. Because of it's texture, you don't need to use a lot. My first mistake when using this was underestimating how much I needed and ended up with a face that looks oily and patchy, so be careful when using this.

I have heard many people compare this with the Benefit HighBeam. The colours are very close to each other, the textures are different and you don't need a lot with either of them. The price however, is not close at all. The MeMeMe Beat the Blues is £5.50 and the Benefit HighBeam is £19.50, so Beat the Blues is definitely more my price.

Have you tried these products? What do you think?

PS. I apologise for the bad quality of pictures. Due to school and the grey days, it's super hard for me to catch the light so once I find light, I'll take better pictures. Promise!

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  1. I've not tried these products but I may have too. Thanks for the review

  2. I keep meaning to try this as it is supposedly a dupe for Benefit High Beam, it sure sounds lovely :)
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  3. How interesting!! I haven't used this product in my makeup routine, but I'm getting interested ;D


  4. As I was scrolling past, I thought it looked a lot like high beam!



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